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The potential for e-commerce in Egypt and Africa

(Oxford Business Group) Jeremy Hodara, Co-CEO, Jumia Group engages OBG on the potential for e-commerce in Egypt and Africa.

How are e-commerce platforms adapting to Egypt’s recent economic and regulatory reforms?

JEREMY HODARA: We are still waiting to see how some of the most recent reforms – such as the latest decisions on decreasing government-backed subsidies on fuel and electricity – will impact e-commerce. Egypt’s government has worked on an e-commerce policy centered around a number of different aims: improving the supply of high-speed broadband, especially in rural areas; modernizing the postal authority; building trust in online payment systems; strengthening training and apprenticeships in areas like online store management, digital marketing and data analytics; and encouraging employees to use e-procurement for low-value goods such as office supplies. The strategy is very clear and will positively impact the sector in the coming years.


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