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Jump into an intense and game-changing adventure. New joiners are involved in large scale projects, make concrete decisions on the ground, and grow personally and professionally at internet speed. Join amazing Jumees who have the enthusiasm, resilience, and courage of startupers as well as the ambition and professional standards of top multinationals. Want to be part of Africa’s leading e-commerce platform? Jumia is the place for you.

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What we stand for

We are Africa-oriented

We are a group of leaders shaping the next e-commerce company at triple digit growth.

We are Impact-oriented

We navigate in a complex and changing world with a bias for execution and impact.

We are People-oriented

We open up horizons to the talent of Africa by creating new job opportunities and developing new skills in the continent.

100% Africa - 100% Internet

We are building a digital Africa by bringing innovative, convenient and affordable online services to all

Our Values

Faces of Jumia

Diane Asket
Central Project Manager - Cost Efficiency

I started off as an intern in Jumia over 6 years ago and I have since changed roles 4 times in 5 years! What I have learnt in Jumia is that where there is a will, there is a way and that I should never content with little if I can bring more to the table.
I believe women will play a pivotal role as leaders in Africa’s e-commerce journey and I love how Jumia empowers women and gives them opportunity to grow even with little experience. As a leader, I share and assume my team’s opinions and help them grow.
I am currently the Central Project Manager on Cost Efficiency.

El Mehdi Louridi
Outbound Manager - Logistics - Jumia Morocco

I have learnt a lot since I joined Jumia way back in 2016! At Jumia I have been cultured to think positively, do what is right not what is easy, manage a team, respect and nourish my work life balance and to be grateful and fair as a manager.

All our work and work environment culture are focused on how to satisfy both consumers and vendors and I enjoy that!

I started my professional career with Jumia as a VDO agent 5 years ago and moved to quality auditor in 2018. Today, I work as an Outbound Manager.

Lynette Katuku
HR Business Partner - Jumia Kenya

I became a part of Jumia in 2019, initially serving as a Human Resource Associate. Subsequently, I earned a promotion to the position of Human Resource Business Partner. Prior to joining Jumia, my professional background includes experience in the manufacturing industry, as well as being a Human Resource consultant.
What I appreciate about Jumia is its inclusive culture. Jumia provides a work environment that values and respects the diversity of its employees. At Jumia individuals of different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and identities feel welcome, accepted, and valued.

Oluwatosin Oyekanmi
Head of Seller Engagement - Jumia Nigeria

I am currently the Head of Marketplace at Jumia Nigeria where I lead our efforts to acquire new sellers & brands while ensuring we have strong growth partnerships with existing sellers across multiple categories. I began my Jumia journey in 2014 as Sourcing Associate and have transitioned through various roles from Operations to Commercial. I am highly skilled in Business Planning, Analysis & Strategy and passionate about changing people’s lives through technology.
What I love most about working at Jumia are the strong friendships I have built over time and the always available learning opportunities arising from our ambition to achieve big goals.

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