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Jump into an intense and game-changing adventure. New joiners are involved in large scale projects, make concrete decisions on the ground, and grow personally and professionally at internet speed. Join amazing Jumees who have the enthusiasm, resilience, and courage of startupers as well as the ambition and professional standards of top multinationals. Want to be part of Africa’s leading e-commerce platform? Jumia is the place for you.

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We are Africa-oriented

We are a group of leaders shaping the next e-commerce company at triple digit growth.

We are Impact-oriented

We navigate in a complex and changing world with a bias for execution and impact.

We are People-oriented

We open up horizons to the talent of Africa by creating new job opportunities and developing new skills in the continent.

100% Africa - 100% Internet

We are building a digital Africa by bringing innovative, convenient and affordable online services to all

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Faces of Jumia

Maria El Fassi
Chief Operating Officer for On-Demand Services

Becoming a part of Jumia has been, so far, my most exciting experience. Launching a whole new service in an emerging country was definitely a real challenge that pushed me to my limits and that allowed me to overcome some doubts I had about changing the consumption’s mode in African markets. I have learned that resilience and perseverance are the key factors to achieve excellence and become a true market leader. It has been a very strong educational journey and I hope to keep on learning everyday from its outstanding achievements.

I joined Jumia Food in June 2013 as Country Manager to help launch and develop online food ordering and on-demand services in Morocco and Algeria. Prior to Jumia Food, I worked for 2 years as a Sales Account Representative at Amazon France in the marketplace department to help recruit and grow professional vendors on the platform. I also worked as Project Manager at the Coca-Cola Company in Paris and as Sales Assistant at the Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking.

Diane Asket
Head of Operations Excellence - Jumia Ivory Coast

I started off as an intern in Jumia 6 years ago and I have since changed roles 4 times in 5 years! What I have learnt in Jumia is that where there is a will, there is a way and that I should never content with little if I can bring more to the table.

I believe women will play a pivotal role as leaders in Africa’s e-commerce journey and I love how Jumia empowers women and gives them opportunity to grow even with little experience. As a leader, I share and assume my team’s opinions and help them grow.

I currently head the Operations Excellence team.

Jean Jacques Maikere
Chief Marketing Officer - Jumia Kenya

I started my journey at Jumia in 2014 by launching the first e-commerce company in Angola in a small apartment. Since then I have had the opportunity to lead teams of 25 to 100 employees to success and scale up businesses in Angola, Kenya and Senegal as a Founder, Managing Director, CEO, COO and lately CMO leading growth of one of the top economies on the continent.

At Jumia we are passionate about the impact we have on the day-to-day lives of our customers and sellers. We are willing to make long term decisions while not compromising on the quality of execution in order to bring value to all our users. Beside Jumia I worked at Zipline, a Silicon Valley based company that operates the world’s only drone delivery system at national scale as the Head of Private Partnership, at Ernst and Young in Luxembourg and at Thomson Reuters in London.

Mutune Kilonzo
Regional Director FMCG

Prior to joining Jumia in 2020 I worked at Procter and Gamble in the Commercial and Marketing functions for 12 years. Coming from a company with 180+ years history to one that’s less than 10 years old was daunting, however within a short period of time, I quickly realized that the core fundamentals and ideologies that have allowed P&G to succeed in the marketplace were very much at the core of Jumia. Since joining Jumia I have learnt a lot but I think the biggest adjustment from a traditional FMCG background has been learning how to convert big data into meaningful insights and moving fast to execution. Due to the very nature of the e-commerce space, you have to make decisions, move fast and execute – something I think the teams in Jumia do very well. Finally, I just love the people and the atmosphere in Jumia – it’s an extremely fun workplace.

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