Faces of Jumia

Sherry William

Head of Traffic Ops - Jumia Egypt

Jumia has helped me grow so much - both at a personal and professional level. During my time here, I have learned that e-commerce is so much more than just selling products, but that it's all about connecting with people and making a positive impact in the community. I feel so fortunate to work with a passionate team, and look forward to many more years of learning and growing together.
My journey at Jumia started over 8 years ago with Jumia Egypt and I am now Head of Traffic Ops today. Before Jumia, I worked in the Customer Service department in different companies in Egypt.

Nicole Liang

Business Operations - Jumia Global

Jumia is a company with a real vision and mission. We are building a digital Africa, connecting Africans with each other, bringing consumer goods and services to all. I share this vision and I am given the opportunity to actually play my part to make a change. It is not always easy but we believe that "where there’s a will, there’s a way".

Working at Jumia is fun. Each day is a surprise. I joined Jumia in 2019. It’s been over two years now, and I can still feel that I am learning everyday and improving myself at internet speed. Everyone is always willing to help. I can see and feel how great of a change I have made possible and really enjoy working with all my dear colleagues. Before Jumia I worked as an Amazon seller for about 2.5 years in the e-commerce industry, at Yihao Tech.

El Mehdi Louridi

Outbound Manager - Logistics - Jumia Morocco

I have learnt a lot since I joined Jumia way back in 2016! At Jumia I have been cultured to think positively, do what is right not what is easy, manage a team, respect and nourish my work life balance and to be grateful and fair as a manager.

All our work and work environment culture are focused on how to satisfy both consumers and vendors and I enjoy that!

I started my professional career with Jumia as a VDO agent 5 years ago and moved to quality auditor in 2018. Today, I work as an Outbound Manager.

Maha Helwa

Senior Backend Developer - Jumia Egypt

Jumia is a leading African player in the FinTech arena. To me, it represents an opportunity to learn and participate in building Africa's digital economy for a huge market and witness the impact we can have on people's lives. I realize how today's techologies can help out both consumers and vendors to have such a secure and satisfactory online experience that is more enjoyable and smarter than a personal assistant in your own pocket.

I joined JumiaPay in July 2019 as senior backend developer and since then I have been working in the payment integration team.
Before Jumia, I was working at Seal-Software specializing in contract analysis, as senior software engineer, at Oracle as application Engineer, and EDS as information associate.

Jorge Correia

Senior Engineering Manager - PTC

It's been years of constant challenges that have provided me with the ideal environment for professional growth. Together, the freedom and trust that is placed on employees are fundamental factors for building a successful career. I feel proud to contribute to the company's growth and happy to see how Jumia empowers people's development.

I joined Jumia in 2015 as a Junior web developer and became a Technical Lead. Since then I've worked in internal tools for user access management, software for customer communications and Jumia website search engine.
My background before I joined Jumia was mainly related to software development for healthcare institutions, working for Alert Life Sciences Computing