Impact & Sustainability

Our Commitments

At Jumia, we are deeply committed to creating a positive impact on society and ensuring sustainable practices across our operations. We believe that by embracing responsibility and taking action, we can contribute to a more sustainable future. Here are our key commitments:


  • Minimizing Impact on Environment


  • Providing Convenience, Affordability and Accessibility for Consumers
  • Empowering sellers, partners, and communities
  • Building an engaged inclusive and diverse workforce


  • Operating with Strong Governance and Ethical Standards

Making a positive impact

Community Support

Jumia partnered with UNCTAD and eTrade for Women
April 19, 2024

Les livres du programme scolaire disponibles sur Jumia Algérie
June 24, 2022

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Morocco signed a partnership agreement with Jumia
June 22, 2022