Hanan ElMatarawi

VP of Business Products and Operations

Hanan is the VP of Business Products and Operations at Jumia Group, where she joined on June 1, 2022. With over 20 years of experience in the software industry across different regions and sectors, including e-learning, health, last mile delivery, on-demand services, and e-commerce, Hanan is passionate about using technology to improve user experiences and operational efficiency. In her current role, Hanan is responsible for managing and optimizing the product operations to ensure the best user experience for the customers. She focuses on efficient strategies and leveraging technology to enhance and automate Jumia contact center through the customer lifecycle. Hanan assumes the role of overseeing Egypt's Tech Center. She actively drives the team towards fostering innovation and productivity, encouraging the development of cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of e-commerce technology. Throughout her career, Hanan has launched and participated in the development of B2B, B2C, and SaaS digital products, focusing on user-centric innovation through design thinking. She has led multiple cross-functional teams in planning, building, launching, and managing world-class software innovations. Hanan's expertise blends technology skills, Agile experience, marketing orientation, and analytical abilities to drive product strategy. Outside of work, Hanan enjoys exploring new destinations, hiking, baking, and expressing her creativity through interior design.